1 Easy Ways To Delete Ola Ride History

Hello friends, today we will talk about Ola ride history, do you want to delete your Ola ride history?

Then you have come to the right place. How to check Ola ride history? How to delete Ola ride history?

Many people want to delete their Ola ride history. Because by doing this no one can see their history, that’s why such people say to delete their history. Or apart from this, when they do not want to use any app, then before deleting that app, they want to delete the history of that app. Many things can be done like this.

When this problem comes when people search. how to delete ola ride history Delete this post after reading it completelyYou will get complete information. Many people have even deleted this post after reading it.That’s why in this post complete step by step you will get the way to delete your Ola ride account.

Before writing this post, we had also searched that how to delete Ola ride history, so we got effective methods. so it is
Know step by step about how —

How to view Ola ride history

To view the Ola ride history, you can visit the Ola application on your smartphone. So let’s know –
First of all, you create yes in your Ola account to see Ola ride history to see Ola ride history
Go to ride history. You will get to see the complete history of all the rides you can take with Ola.

  • First of all, create an account in your Ola cab account.
  • Now you enter your detail details in your Xaune.
  • Now click on the option of ride history of Ola
  • Now your ride history will come which you can see.
  • You can also view this ride history from the Ola website portal.
  • Sign in to your account on the website then go to Ride History.
  • Then you can see the history from that too.

how to delete ola ride history

Hello friends, know how to delete Ola ride. Just like you would install Ola’s app on your smartphone
And you also get a ride from Ola in that app. You can see the ride history from it. But cannot delete it, to delete Ola ride history, you have to follow some steps which I will tell you. So let’s know.

how to delete ola ride history from email

To delete your Ola ride history from your email, first of all, you have to write a message on your email, in that message you can delete your Ola ride history.
Why do you want to delete He has to do one. Later he forwarded that message to Ola.

So now We will also talk to you by writing a message. Or you can copy the below message and paste it in your Gmail box .

Just give your account information so that your Ola ride history will be deleted. step by step

Click on Email & Compose

how to delete ola ride history
  • First of all, you open your email then you click on compose.
  • Now you have to write “Please cancel my ride history” on the subject’s score.
  • You are now typing your name in the compose email.
  • Now you have to enter your own phone number, you have to give the exact number from which you start the Ola account.
  • Now you have to make a request below. Of these also can be written. “Please my cancel ride history”
  • After this, you are writing “in my old account”
  • Then you said that send this message to Ola then support@olacab on the stand above. Com wrote. Click to send after everything is right.
  • When you send the message, just your pass mail will come. Your Ola ride history will be deleted soon.
    You can write by looking at the image below.
  • If you don’t understand any step then the app can watch this video to solve your problem.

most asked questions

Q1 How to book a ride with Ola Cabs?
As many users are new to Ola ride. So they don’t know how to book an Ola ride
If done then learn the documentation –

  1. First of all, download the Ola app from Playstore to ride Ola.
  2. After that you install Ola.
  3. Now open the Ola app
  4. After that enter your email id and mobile number to sign up for the app
  5. Now OTP has come on your mobile number, update your Ola and start it.
  6. Your Ola app will now display your current location in Riyals on Google graphics.
  7. If an Ola user has to book Ola cabs then each person has to enter the nominated location. or you have your enable it.
  8. Then enter the drop location.
  9. Now choose your nearest cab.
  10. Now two options will appear on your page: Ride Later or Ride Now.
  11. If the user has a later train to board, they should click on the “board later” option
  12. If you want to book a ride now, click on the “Ride Now” tab and book.
  13. The system will send confirmation of cab, driver, and ride details to the registered number.
  14. Cab Driver allows the app user to track a cab driver in no time to pick you up.
  15. You can book an Ola cab ride online or in cash.

So this is how you can ride Ola.

Q2 What is the salary of an Ola bike driver?

For those who ride bikes in Ola, their salary is up to Rs.32373 approximately.

Q3 What is Ola’s number and how to find it?
After you go to Ola Cabs, you can know your registered email id and mobile number by going to your profile.

Q4 Why does the Ola account get blocked?
When Ola users cancel the booking after booking multiple Ola cabs at once. So the such user is blocked.


As friends, we have tried our best to tell you “How to delete Ola ride history”. if you have any point
If you don’t understand then you can ask in the comment. We will definitely reply to you.

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