How To Delete Swiggy Order History

Do you want to delete the order history from Swiggy?

Swiggy is a very popular app that works for food delivery and many people use it to get food.
But sometimes we need to delete our history.

When people need to delete order history then people search ‘for how to delete order history.
If you want to delete your order history for any reason. So with the information given in this post, many people have easily deleted order history.

Because in this post we will tell you the steps to delete the history.

Before writing this post, we also searched to delete history and if we found 2 dates, then let us tell you about these 2 dates.

Use the app that you like best.

What are the 2 effective methods to delete Swaggy’s order history?

  1. By contacting Swiggy Customer Care
  2. By sending an email to Swiggy

The Swiggy app was launched in 2014. This company does the work of food delivery to the people and it connects the customers with their favorite restaurants near them.
So that customers can order their favorite food at their doorstep.

By contacting Swiggy Customer Care

Delete You can delete Swiggy order history by contacting Swiggy Customer Care. Let’s know how to delete it-

  • Delete You can delete Swiggy order history by contacting Swiggy Customer Care. Let’s know how to delete it-
  • On calling the customer care number, your call will be picked up by the Swiggy customer care tab. You have to describe your problem.
  • After listening to your problem, customer care will assist you with your problem.
  • If you can help, then you will be given information related to the problem, with the help of which you can solve your problem.

By sending an email to Swiggy

You can delete Swiggy’s order history by sending an email to Swiggy, so let’s know-

  • Open the email and click compose
  • To fill in the subject section
  • Write a message and send it

There is no option to delete history in the Swiggy app, so we cannot directly delete order history from there.
But you can get it deleted by sending it through email, so let’s know the process-

step1. Open the email and click compose

First of all, you have to open the email on your mobile / laptop. Then there you will find an option below Gmail whose name is Write.
Click on the compose option.

how to delete history in Swiggy app

step 2.fill up the to and subject section

After clicking, you have to enter the email address of the person to whom you want to mail.
If we also want to delete Swiggy’s order history, then we have to enter his email address of Swiggy. Which is and now we have to write in the subject ‘Request to delete my history

how to delete  order history of Swiggy

step 3. compose and send messages

Now you have written your problem in the message below with your account details so that your account can be accessed.
You can also write by looking at the photo below.

Now you must have written by looking at the photo. If you have any problem or do not understand any point then you can watch the video.

I have full hope that after reading the post and watching the video, you will not have any problem with Swiggy’s order history delete me, so let’s get to know something about Swiggy.

how to delete the swiggy account

If you use Swiggy App, then you must have ordered food from Swiggy or your family members do not cook at home.
You’re ordered from Swiggy but you like home food. That’s why you want to delete the swiggy account.
So let’s tell -how to delete an account

  • First of all, login to your email account in the dashboard, which you have used in your Swigg account.
  • Then you support@swiggy. write email to
  • After writing use, write delete my account on the subject option.
  • After writing all this, you have to write the reason why you want to remove Swiggy.
  • After writing everything well, click on the send option.
  • Swiggy customer care will get in touch with you after some time. Then your account will be deleted.

how to cancel swiggy order

Friends, if we order food on Swiggy App. If for some reason we have to cancel that order and you do not know how to cancel the Swiggy order, then let us know-
If you have placed a food order, you only have a few minutes to cancel the order. order cancellation
So let’s understand step by step.

  • Open Swiggy App
  • First of all, open the Swiggy app on your mobile/laptop. After that, you have to click on the account option.
  • Now you have to scroll down when you scroll down you will see your order summary
  • After this you will see below then you will get to see the option to cancel the order.
  • But you will get this option only if you place an order and it will come to you in a few minutes.
  • 5 From this you can understand that Swiggy gives you a few minutes to cancel the order.

How to cancel the order after time out

First of all, you should know that if you want to cancel the order, follow the steps mentioned above as soon as possible, otherwise
Once the order reaches the restaurant, it will be difficult to cancel the order.
So let’s now know how to cancel the order after time out –

  • Click on the help button to cancel the order when the time is out.
  • After clicking , write here that I want to cancel my order and click on it.
  • Then you will get a call/text option. Now you have to choose one Then you have to call/text and tell the reason why you want to cancel the order;
  • Your order will be canceled after some time of telling the reason.

Some frequently asked questions

Q1- Can Swiggy view the order history?
If such a question comes to your mind, then read this, the answer is yes. You can read the order history. But you cannot delete it by yourself. to delete
You have been told above which you can delete by following.

Q2- What are the services of Swiggy?
Swiggy company is India’s largest online food ordering and delivery company. It was started in Bangalore in 2014 and this company is a top unicorn startup.
And it provides its services in more than 100 cities in India.

Q3-Who is the owner of Swiggy Company?
Swiggy Company was started by Mr. Harsh Majety and he is also the owner of this company. And currently, he is also the CEO.

Q4- Where is the headquarter of Swiggy located?
Swiggy’s CM is located in Bangalore.


Hello friends, I hope you have understood how to delete the order history of Swiggy in this post. Comment if you have any problem regarding this
I will try my best to solve your problem.

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