PMF IAS geography free pdf download

Hello friends, if you are looking for a PMF IAS geography free pdf download, you have come to the right place.

What you are looking for is right here. A free PDF is available here for the students of PMF IAS Geography, which you can download. A student preparing for UPSC has to read and collect a lot of good notes to clear UPSC, one of which is PMF IAS Geography, which is considered very good.

Well, if you are preparing, So you must be aware of the increased competition in the UPSC.Along with those preparing for UPSC, there are many coaching institutes as well. who try their best to woo the students preparing for the UPSC.

But there are some coaching institutes among them that provide quality education to UPSC preparation students. That’s why the PMF IAS institute is very famous for its best geography notes. UPSC Notes provided by this organisation are considered very important for UPSC Prelims as well as the Mains Exam.

PMF IAS geography free pdf download

Geography is one of the UPSC subjects.which is a part of the General Studies paper in the UPSC Prelims as well as the UPSC Mains exam.

UPSC offers a huge set of courses. According to this, geography is divided into various subtle subjects such as
Today, the world is divided into geomorphology, human geography, economic geography, Indian geography, climatology, and oceanography.

The subject of geography in the UPSC syllabus establishes the relevance of human existence. such as elements that are beneficial to humans and some elements that are detrimental to humans.By studying all these elements, we humans can protect all the essential elements for our lives in the future.

PMF IAS geography free pdf download

How to prepare geography for the UPSC

To prepare for the Geography subject for the UPSC, you must go through NCERT books from class 8 to class 12. Because all of these books strengthen your preparation,It is very important to start here for your UPSC preparation. Because the majority of the questions in the UPSC prelims paper are drawn solely from these NCRT books.

  • After all these books, you should read some good books like Majid Hussain’s book or Certificate in Physical and Human Geography by GC Leong. This book is also important, according to UPSC.
  • After reading all of the books, you should solve UPSC previous year question papers because they will help you a lot to find important topics and revise what you have read.You can also improve the subject in which you will have difficulties.
  • Following that, you should read the newspaper, of which you should read The Hindu on a daily basis; you can also read Yojana or Kurukshetra Patrika.This will strengthen your current affairs, which will help you a lot in your UPSC preparation.
  • After doing all this, you should practise standard tests like the Vision IAS Test Series, etc. from time to time to better prepare for the UPSC. If you give a mock test, so you can assess yourself. You can identify where and in which subject you are weak, and you can improve yourself in that subject.

PMF-IAS geography

Following are the notes covered for the Geography topic by PMf IAS. which are given below in order.

  • human Geography
  • oceanography
  • Indian Geography
  • Economic Geography, Part One
  • Economic Geography Part 2
  • Geomorphology Part-1
  • Geomorphology, Part 2
  • Part 1 of Climate Science
  • Part 2 of Climate Science 


Get PDF Here (Indian Geography)

Oceanography Notes

Human Geography

Geomorphology Notes PART-1

Geomorphology Notes PART-2

Climatology PART-1

Climatology PART-2

Economic Geography PART-1

Economic Geography PART-2


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