2 Easy Way Scan QR code in Realme

Hello, if you are searching for how to scan QR code in Realme, then you have come to the right place.

Many times, when you buy a new mobile phone, you get confused as to how to scan the QR code. The same will be explained to you here.

how to Scan QR code in Realme

How to Scan QR code in Realme

First of all, you should know that a QR code is a code that can be read by the camera. QR codes can be scanned in these three ways, which are explained below.

  • through a mobile camera
  • through Google Lens
  • through an application

Through a mobile camera

If your mobile is new, first of all, you have to open your mobile; after that, insert the SIM and turn on your mobile phone.

first step

  • First of all, to scan the tax code, you have to use the rear camera of your Realme mobile phone and the pre-installed application.
  • You will search for the camera on the mobile phone in the application menu, where you will find the application with the camera icon. Which you can place on your home page.
how to Scan QR code in Realme

second step

  • After that, you have to open the camera on your Realme mobile phone.
  • Below the room itself, you will see an icon, which we have shown through an arrow in the photo below.
  • The name of that icon is Google Lens. If you click on this icon, the tax code will be scanned.
  • And if this icon is not in your mobile camera, then you should continue reading; you will be told about it below.
how to Scan QR code in Realme

third step

If you are using Google Lens in your mobile phone room for the first time, then something like this will be displayed on your mobile. Shown to you below.

how to Scan QR code in Realme

Fourth step

When you click on that option, your device’s camera will ask for Google Lens permission, which you will give. Here you will get three options out of which you have selected the above two options, and after that, you have to go back.

Fifth Step

Now, when Google Lens gets permission in the mobile phone room, you can move your mobile phone camera in front of the QR code, and the QR code should appear right in the middle of the mobile phone display, which will easily scan the QR code, and after that, you can read its barcode.

Six steps

Many times there are QR codes on which a link opens; if you click on the link, then you will go to the browser, where you will be given information about that QR code, which you can read and go through.

Through Google Lens

Step 1st

If there is a Google search engine on the home screen of your Realme mobile, then you can see Google on the right, and a camera-shaped Google lens is given on which you have to click.

Step 2nd

If you do not have Google’s application on your mobile phone, then you must have Chrome, but you have to click on the icon of your room on the right side of the place where you search.

Step 3rd

When you click on its icon, Google Lens will open, and you can scan the QR code with its help. Or you can follow the third step mentioned above.

where is the scanner in realme 7.

You will get the option of scanner in the room of Realme 7, from there you can scan and for more information read this post from the beginning.

How do I scan the QR code in my phone

You can scan by opening the camera in your phone and clicking on the scanner icon below.


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You must have learned by reading about how to Scan QR code in Realme. With its help, you can easily scan the tax code. Most tax codes are used to open websites and make payments.

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