Share market best books hindi

Hello friends, today we will tell you the Share market best books Hindi which books in Share Market you can learn and become a good investor? If you are new in the share market and if you have very less knowledge about the market bar.

First of all, thank you for visiting this post. You have come to the right place where you will be told about the share market best books Hindi. You have just taken your first step in the stock market. And you want to be a good investor. Want to know basic and advanced knowledge of the share market? And if you want to earn money through technical analysis in the share market then you must read some of these books.

All the books mentioned here in 12 are capable of teaching you a lot about the stock market. By learning from these books, you can go a long way in the city market.

so let’s know which are the best books on the share market. which gives you good information about the share market.

Share market best books hindi

Indian Stock Exchange Identification

If you have just started taking information about the stock market, then you must read this book. The author of this book is Jitendra Gala. In this book, you will get basic information. this is one of the best books on the share market. Let’s know what are some basic pieces of information.

  • 1. In this you have been told about the basic investment.
  • 2. Information related to IPO has been given.
  • 3. About the Secondary Market
  • 4. Security has been explained.
  • 5. About Primary Market
  • 6. It has also been told about how to earn money from the share market.
  • 7. It has also been told about what is the benefit of the share market.
  • 8. Will also tell about the terminal of Sher Bazar Aaji Ji.

Mutual Fund, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, and Golden Chance after all are explained in the very best and very detailed manner in this book. A lot of information has gone in this book like you can earn money in the share market.

How to make 10 crores from the share market

This book must be done.this is one of the best books on the share market. Many ways have been told how to earn crores of rupees from the market.

The author of this book is written by Nicolas Darvas. He was a dancer before writing this book. But you must be thinking that how this dancer can write this book, then let us know later that he came to the market in this way.

He was booked by some company to dance or where did you go again, so he wanted to give shares of his company to them instead of money. But writer Nicolas could not dance there due to some reason and when he could not make us sad, we did not even get the share, but he took the money from that company and within two months his money doubled.

But those who had earned money. Then he testified all the money he had earned by trading in intraday. Then again he started studying the stock market very well.

Then he understood some things and after studying he found out some such information. Some stocks trade head-on while staying inside a box for a certain time interval. A different move is seen whenever he used to trade outside this box. Since then, this box theory discovered by him came to be known as the Darvas box theory.

With the help of the theory that he had discovered, he earned 2 million dollars in 18 months. Then he also wrote a book about this theory which is very popular. If you want to know more about this book in detail, then you must read this book.

The Intelligent Investor Share market best books hindi

The Intelligent Investor This is such a book that people like very much and if we talk about the stock market, then this book comes in the top number. this is one of the best books on the share market. This book was written in 1949 and this book plays a very important role in today’s stock market.

This book is very popular in today’s time. Value investing is explained very well in this book. Many methods have been told in this book, so let’s know them.

To do value investing, you need to know the business model of the company you want to invest in and at the time you want to invest, how is the demand for the product of that company in the market, and also how much the debt of the company.

Apart from this, based on assets, reserves, recharge, and balance sheet, what is the share price of that company? Based on all these the share price is expensive or cheap. All these have been explained.

Apart from this, people have also told me that this book is not for those who have just entered the stock market, because it is for the investor with inspiration.

This is because, for investors with experience, their basic is very clear, so the novice should first read and understand the basic book well, then read this book because in this the company’s asset value, balance sheet, and liabilities are discussed for value investing. , Farming Assets on Naan, Company’s Profit and Loss Statement Annual and Quarterly Results, much such information are mentioned in this book.

Any investor who understands and reads about all these well and uses all these methods, then one day he can easily earn a lot of money in the share market. Such information has been given in this book which is not for any common investor. Whoever wants to become a veteran of the stock market must read this book and learn a lot.

stocks to riches

Stock to Riches this book Mr. Written by Parag Pareek. It has been written by him in this book that what should be the behavior of a good investor, has been explained in detail. And well explained. this is one of the best books on the share market.

If you or any investor is having a lot of loss, then definitely read this book because it has been told that an investor can reduce his loss by controlling his emotion.

Apart from this, how to buy and sell shares in it. and allowing the stock price of a stock to continue to suffer losses. And averaging down the falling stock by buying more.

Apart from this, book any profit-making shares. Apart from this, tell other methods well or not and many more have been explained in a good way. Each thing has been explained in detail through examples. Such examples have been given in this book, which you can understand by adding any incident in your life, it will be very easy for you to understand.

If you trade or invest in the share market and you are mostly losing because of your wrong decision on the share market. So you want to change your behavior. All these have been told in this book, by reading which you can become a good investor.

Value investing and behavior finance

is one of the best books on the share market. Very good information has been told in this and it is an Indian investor book. The author of this book mi. Parag Pareek is there.

He has written this book very well, he was a long-term investor. And according to his experiences in this new book, he has written in very easy language.

This book is based on the Indian stock market, so you will understand it very easily and the people who write it are also Indians. In this group, a good strategy has been given for Langton, with the help of which if you want to invest in the long term of the stock market in the future.

If you want to become an investment, then this cave will prove to be very good, by reading and understanding you can earn name and money in the share market with your ability.

In this book by him, the Bubble Trap and Growth Trap, and PSU, Sector Investing and IPO have been explained in the best and very detailed way. It is told with all this information that’s why people like it very much and it is also a popular book.

Rich dad and poor dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad This is the best book on the share market .Today I am going to tell you about it and if possible, you must read it because if you read this book, you will feel that it is a very good book, I wish I had read it long ago, but now Even if you read this book, it will be very useful for you in future.

The author of this book is written by Robert Kiyosaki. Although it is not told about the share market it should be read by the investors of the share market and everyone who wants to become rich in the future because an investor has to become rich.

So it will be necessary for him to go to the share market, but before that, he also needs to know about how he becomes rich. It has been told in this that to become rich, first you have to make you’re thinking a mill.

This book is so popular that it is the best-selling book in the world, it has been sold in 109 countries. Along with this, this book has also been translated into about 51 languages.

If you are reading this book now or if you are not able to use it, if you want to make your child rich at the age of 15, then definitely read it. In this group by Robert Kiyosaki, it has been told that in our society, people are taught in school or from how to do the best job but it does not come that how to become rich, Robert Kiyosaki Saki has talked a lot about this.

It is explained in the best way. It has also been explained in this how to save money and where to invest it in such a way that the money you are investing will earn more money and give it to you.

In this, it has been told about the power of money that instead of becoming a slave of money, how to earn money by making money your slave, it has been explained in a very good way by Rich Dad and Poor Dad.

Buffett and Graham

If you invest or are about to invest in the stock market, then you must have known Warren Buffett, a famous veteran of the stock market, because he is a long-term investor, as well as a very skilled person, as well as a businessman’s manager.

According to Bakket, both these stock market and businessman managers are efficient only because they made the right choice. Warren Buffett explains in his book that he had learned in his early days before becoming a professional investor that the economics or mathematics of all businesses are different.

Many similar types of knowledge have been written in this book; to tell it to the new businessman and investor, he has said his knowledge. Whoever reads, reads this book, can become better than before in it. this is one of the best books on the share market

Trade Policy

This book has been told about how to become a successful trader in trade strategy, best books on the share market.

which is very important for the trader. If you want to become a new trader then you must read this book. Because for your information, let us tell you that 70% of the new traders do not understand the policy of trade, so they lose their entire investment within 6 months.

It is because of this that those investors do not get the right information. And wherever the information comes from, they are not able to take complete information correctly, and that’s why their investment sinks.

If you are also giving such information, then children and you here are many such books about the stock market which you should read. Now it depends on you whether you read or not. If you want to do live trading in the share market, then you should read in such a way that you can understand and I will also help you in trading.

This is the trade policy book. Which is India’s first such book. Which is written on the stock market. It is also written in Hindi language and it is written in a very easy language. If you want to start trading in the Indian stock market, then this book will prove to be a good book for you.

Technical Analysis and Candlestick Identification

Technical Analysis and Identifying Candlesticks This book is written by Ravi Patel and Jitendra Zala Gala.

You will also get this book in Hindi and with its help, you can identify technical alliances and candlesticks in any market and learn about them.

If you read this book properly then you will not need any other book for technical analysis and candlestick identification. So if you want to become a good trader then you must read this book so that you can earn your profits by trading.

Recognition of intraday trading

Introduction to Intraday Trading This book is written by Jitendra Gala and Ankit Gala. This book has been written by him in a very easy way in the Hindi language. this is one of the best books on the share market

This book is a must-read for those who want to do intraday trading and this book is written for those people only. With the help of this, then traders can earn well.

In this, it has been told that by making small investments, you can earn big profits. It also explains how to do risk control, risk management, technical analysis, entry and exit, and many more. Explained in very easy language and every detail. Which you can understand very well.


so, friends, I hope that you have come to know about the share market best books Hindi. we have tried our best to tell books. you can buy the books. you can buy the books which you like for more information about the share market.

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