SL Arora physics class 12 pdf download

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Because here on SL Arora Physics Class 12 PDF Download, related books for Class 12 PDF will be downloaded. Because this is a useful book for you, that makes it very necessary for you to read because you are in class 12, so it is very necessary from the board’s point of view.

Because you did not have a lot of AirSell Aurora Physics Book demands for several days, we have provided PDF links for you to Jasel Aurora Physics Sixth Grade in this post. From here, you can easily download the video.

SL Arora physics book pdf details

Book Namemove fast with physics
AuthorSL Arora sir
Format of bookPDF
Pages450+ pages
Size40 MB
Volumes01 and 02

SL Arora physics class 12 pdf download

part 1 Chapter viseDownload link
1.Electric Charges and FieldsOpen pdf
2.Electrostatic potential and CapacitanceOpen pdf
3.Current ElectricityClick here
4.Magnetic Effect of CurrentClick here
5.Magnetism and MatterClick here
6. Electromagnetic Induction Click here
7.Alternating CurrentClick here
8.Electromagnetic WavesClick here


chaptersdownload link
1.Ray Optics and Optical Instrumentclick here
2. Wave Opticsclick here
3. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matterclick here
4. Atomsclick here
5. Nucleiclick here
6. Semiconductorsclick here
7. Communication Systemclick here

Physics is a very necessary subject for a science student, and this subject is considered quite difficult, but if the student regularly studies the subject and clears all the structures, the student can easily solve the numerical problems in this subject. The physics subject is also more necessary than the exams on your board. And from the perspective of the upcoming computing problems such as gel menus and PMT’s problems, physics subjects are very important.

SL Arora physics class 12 pdf download

If you are a student of Class 12 and you do not have a physics subject, you can easily download SL Arora’s Physics Class 12 PDF here. This topic was written by Sir S.L. Arora. Sir Arya is a very well-known teacher. And this physics theme is divided into two parts, which you can see above. We’ve given you the download link to the chapter widget above, from where you can download it.

SL Arora Physics Class 12 Part 1

As we mentioned above, this topic is written by S.L. Arora, sir, and this book is a very helpful book for J.E. Men’s Ams, AIPMT, and J.A. Advances that you can live up to by reading this book. And the printing of this book is done by MoneyPat Opinion & Company. This book is recommended to students at many top coaching institutes. The entire curriculum of Class 12 has been covered in the Physics Book of S. L. Arora, Sir. And well explained, by reading this book you can complete your silver score in a good way. Below are all the chapters of Part 1.

  • 1. Electric Charges and Fields
  • 2. Electrostatic potential and Capacitance
  • 3. Current Electricity
  • 4. Magnetic Effect of Current
  • 5. Magnetism and Matter
  • 6. Electromagnetic Induction 7. Alternating Current
  • 8. Electromagnetic Waves

SL Arora Physics Class 12 Part 2

SL Arora Physics is Part 2 of Class 12. With this book, you can easily solve all the problems of physics. And you can easily understand the theory as well. This book is based on CBSE Silebus, so this book is so much more important for CBSE students. And there are practise questions after each chapter in this book that you can solve to practise.And can bring good things to your eggs. Below are all the chapters of Part 2.

  • 1. Ray Optics and Optical Instrument
  • 2. Wave Optics
  • 3. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
  • 4. Atoms
  • 5. Nuclei
  • 6. Semiconductors
  • 7. Communication System

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